From countries from all over the world, we work together.


Mark is an influential and entrepreneurial professional, with proven business acumen demonstrated through a lifetime career in the clothing industry. Over the course of his career, he has been recognized as a forward-thinking and integrity-rooted leader, committed to building high-value and loyal relationships across major brands and luxury retailers. At his core, he is a risk-minded strategist and continuous learner, committed to persevering and thriving while staying ahead of the curve as a sales leader, business owner and team builder.


Growing up in a family with over 200 years of history in the textile industry, Jan breathes and lives fashion. Starting in retail sales at age of 15, he gained a deep understanding about all aspects of  retail and visual merchandising. After many years as a buyer in different segments of fashion, he has traveled around the globe building a robust portfolio working in fashion. As a fashion business entrepreneur, Jan has harnessed his vast knowledge and insight into all aspects of the business. He has introduced a unique one-stop full service consultancy that guides brands to navigate successfully and expand internationally.


An early career in advertising and mass distribution confirm to Vanessa her absolute desire to work for the fashion industry.

She joined Adidas at the beginning of the ‘adidas originals’ story, than moved in the denim industry for Diesel and after few years, joined PVH to lead the development of the iconic Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein brands in the French department stores.

After these wholesale & retail oriented experiences, she had the ambition to support the development of brands, whether they are small or big, with a more entrepreneurial vision : she built her own agency AVA BRANDS.
Strategy consulting, key account negociations, retail management, master agency and other commercial solutions bring her customers to expand successfully.

Latin America

He is an Action  Sport and  Outdoor passionate with +12  years  of  experience developing US based brands in Latin   America. As a team leader and trusted advisor, Nacho developed skills at collaborating  cross-functionally  with  HQ, distributors, licensees and manufacturers

Having a strong knowledge of the region lets me streamline business operations and approach solutions with a creative mindset.


Serra studied International Logistics Managements at Işık University in Istanbul. She has been in the textile industry for couple years and mostly worked as a customer representative. With expertise in women’s and men’s fashion, she brings a different point of view to the FashionNet group.


Currently studying Media, Information & Technoculture at Western University in London, Ontario, Jamie has always had a flare for fashion, creating her own designs and marketing to customers through social media. Jamie has ample experience with media and content creation, including producing written marketing material for Radio Western, as well as creating graphics for various brands and social movements.


After gaining valuable experiences in various high responsibility management positions in the German fashion industry, Francesco eventually ended up founding his own company. The ARTIS Fashion Group quickly became successful and is now considered one of the most important companies within Germany in terms of fashion. Their services: Strategy Consulting, Sales Trainings, a Media Agency and of course a Multi Label showroom with several locations in Germany, offers growth possibilities for brands in Germany, Swiss and Austria.